Capodanno 2021

Amusement Parks


You can get to Gardaland by car, by coach, by train or by air and you will find all the information you need at our campsite.


Experience the wonderful water world of Aqua Paradise. White sands and tropical palms create an atmosphere for a unique and special day out.


Film sets and special effects, actors, stuntmen and soundtracks all interweave to draw you into the wonderful world of cinema.


Get ready to take a time capsule into the past and relive the atmosphere of Medieval Times with a banquet and spectacular show!


An uncontaminated oasis of nature inhabited by a wide range of animals species living  safely in a protected environment with the greatest respect for their needs.


More than three thousand plants, formed by nature and the expert hands of gardeners, produce five major flowerings amidst also the water gardens and the medicinal plants.


Located in the historic centre of Sirmione right on the shores of the beautiful lake Garda. The centre has indoor and outdoor spa pools with whirlpool baths.


A chance for to live out the adventures of Robin Hood or of Tarzan swinging from lianas in the jungle?


A 5,000 square metre lake with diverse whirlpool spa baths and fountains is also beautifully lit for night bathing.


Visiting the Arena today it is not difficult to imagine how it is when full to the brim with an audience transported by the magic of music.


Visit all those places that provide the setting for the timeless love story of Romeo and Juliet.


An international event thronged by people with a passion for horses.



Festivals and food and wine events, appointments and parties related to the tradition of Verona and the conutries of the province are events that embody the culture of the territory and opportunities to meet and fun.


An event dedicated to the theme of LOVE, which comes to its fifth edition and consecrates Verona as the “city of love”, thanks also to the Shakespearean heroin that makes it known throughout the world.